Sliding Shower Doors

A Perfect Space Saver – Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower Doors Sliding shower doors will bring a touch of luxury and elegance to your bathroom. They can make your bathroom well-designed and you can have a good attraction in your home. Sliding shower doors are great space savers. They are the most common shower door, and it takes up little space. They can give much better aesthetics to your bathroom.

Sliding shower doors are durable and long lasting in comparison to the regular shower curtains. They could also have towel bars mounted within the outer panel. They are a perfect choice for bathrooms with cramped area.

How Sliding Shower Doors work

The sliding shower doors are installed on a track and made of a pair or a single bypass door. They are aligned flatly with each other and opened by sliding the door towards one another. In another words when you open one of the doors, then the second one gets a push to overlap another door. These sliding shower doors are perfect for small bathrooms since it doesn’t need lot of space to be opened. They can be used along with a bathtub to set up a walled showering location or create a separate shower unit.

The sliding shower doors are mostly built using glass or acrylic materials and are so transparent that you can see through the glass. The designer glasses are also available in transparent, blur or obscure form on sliding shower doors.

To install the sliding shower door you must ascertain that there is adequate space in your bathroom for two bypass doors to stand and fix without any kind of clogging on any sides. These type of shower sliding doors are only suitable for adults and not for kids because you will not be able to help you kid having bath after the door completely encloses.
Sliding shower Door

Pros of Sliding Shower Doors

• Require very small space and literally floor free
• No need to make clearance for a door
• Generally robust
• Easy to install
• New modern look and an additional attraction

Cons of Sliding Shower Doors

• Your knowledge of Sliding Shower Doors
• Cleaning of Sliding Shower Doors is tricky
• Lubrication of the wheels, rollers and tracks
• Not as attractive as other doors
• Not easy to use for children
• Bathroom must twice the width of the door

Sliding Shower Doors Standard Sizes

The minimum recommended space for sliding shower doors is 1000 mm in width or greater. They mostly follow the pattern of fixed panel of glass and a sliding door held within an outer frame. In addition semi-frameless designs are also instantly available these days.

Sliding shower doors are inappropriate for gaps, disparities and where shower trays are tinier than 1000 mm for the reason that the opening is only half of the total width. The smaller width of entrance becomes inadequate for a bi-fold sliding shower door.

The standard height of sliding shower door starts from 1830 mm to 1950 mm and are commonly available in sizes as stated below to match the shower trays of equal widths.

• 1000 mm Sliding shower door
• 1100 mm Sliding shower doors
• 1200 mm Sliding shower door
• 1400 mm Sliding shower door
• 1600 mm Sliding shower door

Specifications of Sliding Shower Doors

• A very strong handle to slide one door.
• Two types of roller mechanisms – The most common is moving the door upon the lower track.
• The lifting door – You can push the door up.
• Different type of bathroom tub enclosures to cover the shower sliding door.

Cleaning Sliding Shower Doors

It’s a real hard work to clean your sliding shower doors unusually when they are shielded in soap scum or mildew. You can use cleaners but there are occasional issues whey they leave stains and lines and your doors look dirty. Therefore it’s worth to be selective about the cleaning materials you use. This cleaning must be part of your weekly routine to ensure utmost care.

Recommended steps for Sliding Shower Doors

1. Take three parts of water and mix with one part of bleach. Put this into shower along with one bucket of clear water to rinse the entire thing.

2. You don’t have to switch back and forth for cleaning rather get into the shower, close the doors and work the inside of both the doors first. First dip your scrap in the bleach and scrub mildew away with your brush. You can also use available spray with a cleaner specially designed to remove it. There after use the scrap with water to softly clean it away.

3. To undertake the soap scum use vinegar or the Magic Eraser. You can use the vinegar directly on your cloth and spray your oxygenated cleaner directly on the doors. Scrub the doors with scrap until all of the soap scum is vanished. You can also allow the oxygenated spray remain on the door for 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Wash the doors again with a clean scrub and repeat steps 1 to 4 on the other sides of the doors. Make sure that you don’t drip water or cleaner on the floor.

5. Finally end use soft lint-free cloths to dry both sides of the sliding shower doors.

6. You can use toothbrush and your vinegar or oxygenated cleaner to clean the track, trim and door bars and handles. After that you must rinse and dry them.

Tips & Warnings – Sliding Shower Doors

• Use the vinegar on your shower doors again if your doors are streaky after cleaning.
• Use a clean spray after every shower to protect your shower doors from accumulating soap-scum.
• Leave the doors closed after every shower so they can dry properly.
• Make sure to open the window if you’re using bleach because of pungent smell which is harmful.
• You will scratch the glass if you will use harsh cleaners or steel wool on your sliding shower doors.

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