Shower Walls

Shower Walls – Things to Consider

Shower Walls, also called shower panels, provide the backing for your shower. If you do not have shower walls then the water will eat away at the paint and drywall on the normal wall. Shower Walls serve a dual purpose of both adding a beautiful appearance to your new shower and protecting the original walls. We have a large of shower walls in materials ranging from acrylic to fiberglass and brands such as Kohler, Sterling and Dreamline. Many shower walls also have built in places to store your necessities such as shampoo and soap.

Shower Walls

Glass Shower Walls

Installing glass shower walls have become a modern way of beautifying one’s bathroom. Not only does a glass shower wall create an elegant and luxurious element to your shower experience, it also creates an illusion of having a bigger room out of its smooth reflective feature.

Why use glass shower walls?

Glass shower walls have gained its popularity among shoppers because every home improvement endeavor cannot take for granted the need to beautify the shower room and create a strong impression. Compared to tiles and grouts, glass shower walls are not only elegant but are also very easy to clean and maintain.
Choosing it over regular wall types will save you the worry of shower wall damage caused by water getting behind tiles through loose grouts. Most homeowners who have these kinds of shower walls can attest to that as it happens over time. It can be very annoying and you need to do all the extra work of purchasing new sets of tiles and doing all the tough job of repairing the damaged shower wall.

If you use glass shower walls, your bathroom will not only be more seamlessly beautiful but will also save you from tough repairing jobs. Aside from that, glass shower walls will also prevent making your bathroom floor slippery as it averts water from covering the whole bathroom floor area. If you enjoy taking a hot shower, glass shower walls also trap heat more effectively than regular shower walls do. This does not only give you a nice hot shower experience but will also help you save energy costs used for heating.

Things to consider

Glass shower walls come in different style, material and color. Choosing which type to install in your bathroom would depend on your choice and how you would like your bathroom to appear. Most people choose glass shower walls that match the theme of the entire bathroom or even the entire house. Some even use the same type and glass design that are used in the window panels around the room. It really depends on your creativity and your vision of a perfect bathroom.

However, you must also consider the quality of the glass and how it could secure your safety. You can choose to have a frameless model of glass shower wall if you do not have a base yet. This type is very sought-after by many shoppers because it is very easy to install, clean and maintain. One the other hand, if you have an added base to your shower area, you might as well choose a framed shower wall.

Other than the type of glass, you must also consider the size of the shower panel by taking proper measurements and doing appropriate calculations. The height can go for as long as you would want to have it, with considerations on the height of your house. The width, on the other hand, is very important. You need to decide how wide you would like your shower space to be and which size is most comfortable for you. You need to make sure that it is wide enough for you to move and enjoy a relaxing bath but not too compact to interfere with other bathroom furniture and essentials.

The next important thing to consider is the texture of the glass that you would like to have for your shower wall. Your choice of this is very essential as the texture of the glass determines the style and level of privacy you would like to attain. You can have it clear, patterned, obscured or frosted, depending on your style and purpose.

Where to buy?

Glass shower walls are available at your local home improvement stores. You can choose from a variety of styles, colors and texture. You just have to keep in mind the necessary factors to consider in choosing the perfect glass shower door for your bathroom. It would be very convenient if you already have a picture in mind as to how your new bathroom would look like so that it would not be difficult for you to choose the type of glass shower wall to purchase.

Marble Shower Walls

Although there are various types of tiling designs available for home decor, marble shower walls are recommended if you want a classic touch to your bathroom design.
Marble is a natural stone that is processed to create materials for architecture and design, and is a common design for kitchens, bathrooms and foyers. It can even be used outdoors, as in swimming pool decks. It is rather expensive, being one of the most elegant materials used for shower walls. Marble shower walls are a popular choice among homeowners who wish to improve their homes’ aesthetic quality and make it look more appealing.

Choosing marble for your Shower Walls

There are several characteristics to consider when choosing the material to cover your bathroom or shower walls. Water resistance is one, as you don’t want the covering peeling off too quickly or reacting to the water. Another is decorative quality. People spend a good amount of time preparing their selves for the day in the bathroom, and the psychological effect of a pretty-looking bathroom wall is subtle, but works wonders for optimism. One other thing to consider is that the material shouldn’t be too difficult to clean, and that it should be relatively long lasting.

Natural stone is a popular choice nowadays for shower walls and bathroom decor in general. There are two types: silicone and calciferous stone. Marble falls under the calciferous category, and as such is composed of calcium carbonate and is extremely sensitive to acid cleaning solutions, so it’s best to remember that when purchasing cleaning materials for your bathroom.

Marble shower walls considered very fashionable, despite the fact that it is one of the most difficult materials to care for in a bathroom. One reason is that marble is extremely porous, thus making it quite absorptive of bathroom scum and minerals from the water. This usually leaves marble shower walls with a distinct discoloration, and this is the last thing you want for your bathroom, as the discoloration is difficult (some even say impossible) to remove. It can also be quite fragile, and marble can crack easily over time. This is why buying good quality marble is essential; in the long run, the high cost is offset by its longer life.

When choosing marble as a shower wall covering, ensure that you get all the information regarding its care before getting it installed. If you don’t have the time or patience to keep up with a diligent bathroom cleaning schedule, you probably want a shower wall covering that is easier to maintain, as marble shower walls are definitely on the “high maintenance” list.

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