Shower Panel

Shower Panels – Designed to perform

A Shower Panel is a trivial type of shower enclosure that mounts well in a small bathroom and provides an answer to various showering options and designed to deliver a revitalizing experience. You can choose from hot or cold, shower with fixed shower handset, shower with fixed shower head and shower panel with thermostat and jet body sprays for massage. They have a self-contained cubicle and a powerful shower column.

Shower Panel

Shower panels are offered in qualities such as:
• White
• Black
• Antique brass
• Stainless steel
• Brushed chrome
• Copper
• Polished brass
• Polished chrome
• Satin nickel
• Oil scrubbed Bronze

Shower panels offer additional options such as:
• Hands free telephone
• FM radio / MP3 and MP4 players
• Underwater LED lights
• Acupuncture massage
• Number of jets for acupuncture
• Massage bath tub with heat pump
• Foot massage
• Integrated speakers
• Ventilation Fan
• Sterilization system for ozone
• Seating with jets overhead
• Emergency alarm
• Steam sauna shower

The shower panels have been mostly very popular in health spas and gyms but with changing trend they have become a necessity for the home shower.

Steam Shower Panel

Steam shower panels are not very different from various other types of shower panels and can be installed effortlessly at an affordable price. The steam shower has the following components.

• Steam heads
• Steam outlets
• Steam generator

The heat is provided by steam generator to produce steam which goes through the steam outlet into the shower heads and fills the shower enclosure. The heat therapy is used for the treatment of common cold, bronchitis and allergies because the heat stimulates the immune system by producing antibodies and WBC (White blood cells).

Benefits of Shower Panel

A shower panel is one of the best kinds of bathroom accessories with various benefits stated as under.

• You can attach the shower panel to any of the walls with minimum space required. The shower panels are quite modern and look like a piece of art on your wall offer the same features as shower enclosure.

• The shower panel is very much affordable for all budgets in comparison to shower enclosures.

• The replacement is easy in case the shower panel is broken due to price and easy installation.

• You can use it freely without being worried that your shower panel can be misused by guests.

• There are various colors, design and texture available in shower panels to give you a huge choice as per you budget and priorities.

• It provides multi directional water heads and you can hold it in your hand and use it with various pressure levels. The streams of water from different points will hit your body to make you relaxed and fresh totally.

• The shower panels are available with fixed shower heads as well as hand held shower heads.

• Another great feature is jets to massage your body and one average 6 jets are available and the number of jets can vary depending on the model.

The basic cost of shower panel may go up with the choice of additional options selected while purchasing. This is one of the latest technologies available and can enhance your showering experience and bring glamour and luxury into your bathroom.

You can get shower panels in various sizes and with additional features like rainfall shower head, messaging shower head and anti-fogging mirrors to allow using mirror with shower on.

The installations of shower panel are uncomplicated but ensure that it is compatible with other bathroom installations. To install, basically connect the shower panel with the existing pipe and fix it on the wall. In addition corner brackets are also available in some shower panels to let you install anywhere you like in the bathroom.

You can review the collection and various options of shower panel on the web and can buy online. Before selecting the one for your bathroom make sure to compare rates, quality and designs available. No doubt this modern offering will be a wonderful addition to your bathroom.

Different Types of Shower Panel

There is a range of options available in shower panel which comes with a handle, a shower head and a couple of body sprays. You will also find some higher end models available with even LED lights.

1. In addition to the standard rectangular design, the shower panels are ovular, wave-shaped or unevenly shaped. The rectangular shower panels are about 1 to 1.5 meter in height. They fit well on the wall and always have greater height than the width.

2. The standard shower panel has a shower head on top of a panel and a number of body sprays on it. They are generally available with 2 to 8 body sprays that work like a jet. The shower panel is controlled by a handle to regulate the temperature and pressure of the water.

3. Detachable hand shower is included in higher end shower panel models and have a long metallic pipe attached to it. There are models come with built-in-shelves for storage of soaps and other beauty products.

4. You can also buy shower panel with multiple handles to control the flow of water and the temperature hot and cold. There is a third handle included with some shower panels to control a separate nozzle for filling the bucket quickly.

5. The most common materials used in shower panels are metals and waterproof plastics. The materials can be tailored in any color for matching the decoration of your bathroom.

The shower panels are made up of several types of materials as discussed including PVC, aluminum, acrylic and stainless steel having various positives and negatives. The cost varies based on the material, finish and the options come along with the model. The PVC material has an advantage that it is cheapest amongst all the materials available but then it’s not as reliable as other materials. The bottom line is that you need to buy as your pocket allows but make sure that what you buy matches your specification and also go well with your bathroom decoration.

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