Shower Kits

Shower kits for every budget

Shower Kits It’s essential to understand some basics of Shower kits before you end up buying something which is not exactly similar to your requirement. I made the same mistake when I bought the shower kits for my new apartment and you know what, every day in the morning whilst taking bath, I had to literally see my mistake for a long time. After a couple of years I replaced the shower kits exactly as per my specification because this could be the most economical alternative to transform your bath experience to more enjoyable.

There is nothing else rather like a hot shower at home after an exhausting day. Enjoying the exact shower and associated accessories can change your bathroom a more comforting space. Today’s shower kits brings much more innovative choices for cleaning, comfort, and water saving than ever before. You can refresh your shower experience with features like detachable heads and body spa systems and a range of sprays.

Shower kits are affordable and there’s a match for every budget from basic kits with the base, shower walls and door to more inclusive shower kits with fittings and decorations like towel bars and shower curtains.

Shower Kits

Types of showerheads

There are basically two types of showerheads available i.e. fixed and hand showers. Fixed showerheads as the name suggests are connected to a shower arm and fitted permanently to the wall.

On the other side, hand showers are connected to the wall with flexible tubing, which is easy to maneuver and throw water where ever you want it. The head can be stationed in a frame to work as a standard wall-mounted shower. It is easy to wash children and pets with hand shower and also cleaning the shower made easier.

You can buy showerheads in a wide variety of designs with up to 8 or more adjustable settings. The most economical option available is still the same traditional showerheads. The traditional ones offer a broad choice of spray patterns and streams that can vary from intense to fine spray. Then you have expensive one with a greater selection of spray patterns and designs.

There is another possibility of dual Showerhead sprays running with a single pipe having two showerheads, spraying water over larger area.
Body spas have unique fitting and sanitation requirements. The strips of jets are used to deliver a massaging spray covering whole body. This type of custom installation requires substantial up-front investment.

Rain showerhead or popularly called overhead showerheads pour water exactly from above for uniform distribution. Mostly they have only one adjusting but some showerheads also provide high-powered rinse tuning.

Yet another available option is slide bar showerheads with a vertical bar to be moved up and down to adjust height for various people. This also provides an option to shower without getting your hair wet.

Spray Patterns

There is a range of spray designs available to let you modify your shower experience towards your priority. Deciding on a spray design establishes the direction, range as well as amount of water flowing from the showerhead.

Specialized pulse sprays massage all your body to give you a comforting bath. Designs that will blend strong jets together with pulsating streams relax and rejuvenate. Broad, pulsating sprays may very well be soothing to give you a mild spray or strong to offer a great penetrating massage. Strong, targeted sprays are perfect for hair cleaning plus heavy-duty washing.

Buying Shower Kits

Steam shower kits

You can always combine your shower with a comfort steam chamber in one steam room. All of the fixtures are usually included in such type of shower kits. You will require a steam generator to quickly heat water into steam. The additional features included here are massage panels, digital temperature controls, hand-free phone and even built-in speakers for music.

Custom shower kits

This approach allows you to choose all fixtures and assemble them in a custom made enclosure. A tiled attachment can stay open or sealed with a shower door. You will require the plumbing fixtures for your shower faucet and shower head.

Pre-fabricated Shower Kits

These shower stalls are available in variety of style and color and typically produced from fiberglass or acrylic. There is an option of having a single-piece unit or in different pieces to be assembled like the ones with three wall panels and a base pan.

Size of Shower Kits

A big shower “rose” is required for a shower that falls like summer rain to control the delivery of water. You will get large amount of water with this type of shower and you must ensure that your system can control this output.

Finishes of Shower Kits

The beauty of overall design is in making sure that the shower head goes with the remaining hardware of your bathroom. The shower head could by polished brass, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel finishes giving a harmonized or contrasting look with other stuff.

Shower faucets

The shower faucets are available in a combination shower kits including the shower head, handles and spout. You may perhaps want to coordinate faucet styles and finishes with the shower head and other hardware in case you choose separate shower fixtures.

Shower massage panels

The massage panels installation is easy and don’t need any typical plumbing fixtures. The Shower massage panels can really treat your sore muscles with jets of steamy water.

Shower care

There is always a possibility of nozzle clogging with mineral deposits in shower heads and hence need care. You should carefully read and follow the instructions to avoid damaging your bronze or brass shower fixtures.

Versatile Designs of Shower Kits

Shower kits are available in several standard designs and while making a choice, you must consider the shower design and ensure that it will fit in the space allotted. They assist very well in renovations because they can fit easily into existing spaces, such as corners and along walls, with several choices for door patterns.

Measuring space for Shower Kits

Before making a choice, measure the space twice where your shower will be fitted. The most common sizes for shower kits are as under:
• 36″ x 36″
• 38″ x 38″
• 42″ x 42″

Only measure the space after complete construction and it is essential to measure accurately to ensure a proper fit.

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