Shower Door Parts

Shower Door Parts for Every Style of Shower


Shower Door Parts

Anything might not work as it should after installing the brand new door. Did you find out the availability of Shower Door Parts before buying the door? Given an option you would like to buy good quality shower door parts at a reasonable price. A good quality door will enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Similarly high quality shower door parts will make your tub or shower area more efficient and ensure that the shower door works fine for long.

At time installation becomes problematic because the shower door parts don’t have adequate finish. Then why a large number of users never give much consideration to the shower door parts, and buy any part that is cheap? Let’s discuss some of such questions and facets about shower door parts.

You must consider the different kinds of shower door parts used in your door to establish that in case you need to replace some parts after a while then it won’t be a big trouble. In case you decide to replace shower door parts then the first of all find out what type of door you have installed. It’s possible that every manufacturer has different shower door replacement parts that can only be used with their individual brand. You are not far away from damaging your door if you try to install incompatible shower door parts.

Now if we look at the types of shower doors available then there are mainly two types and based on the type of doors, you will require different shower door parts.

Framed Shower Doors

The framed shower doors can also be of two different types:

• Hinged type of framed shower doors

• Rolling type of framed shower doors

As we discussed before that each of these types might need different types of shower door parts including hinges, handles, seal, sweeps, knobs, rollers, gaskets, shims, guide, and other shower door parts and hardware.

Frameless Shower Doors

You man not require as many shower door parts with frameless shower doors. The reason is that the door parts are directly installed onto the glass. Since the frameless shower doors usually don’t have any sort of framing, such doors are definitely not as strong compared to framed shower doors. There are various types of frameless shower doors available from the standard angle types to more complicated neo angle shower doors.

Style and Design of Shower Door Parts

You will be amazed with the choices available when you shop for shower door parts. There are several styles and finishes available from simple designs to high end coated shower door part to match your selection criteria. Every shower door part is available in all sorts of material from handles to hinges. The available material largely is brass, stainless steel, satin, as well as other combinations.

The look and performance of your door will depend on your investing in the right shower door parts. You should gather some knowledge and become aware of the basic door parts such as drip rails, caddies and pulls which can make installation of shower doors effortless. In case the shower doors are available with hardware kits which include most of the parts then nothing additional is required.

You should know that the shower door parts can now be personalised to match your specifications, and to fit your design. Now you will not have a problem replacing any of the part with extensive replacement options available.

Let’s discuss some of the important ones stated as under:

Shower Door Parts – Handle

Handle is one of the most important shower door parts and used for opening and closing the door. It can also be used for holding a bath towel. These types of handles are not intended to carrying too much of weight but can be used for hanging something or other.

You will find many designs and style to match your preference and your budget.

Shower Door Parts – Quality Seal

One of the important shower door parts that you always wanted should work is a seal. The seal is designed to hold the water inside the tub or shower. The seal is always fixed along the inside diameter of the door. As the time passes, the seal gets weaken and requires replacement. As a standard process, take off the door, remove the remaining seal, and then replace it with a new seal.

Shower Door Parts – Track

The shower door parts also include the track on which the door lies to roll. It is possible at time that the tracking is bent, rusted, or mildewed and can’t be cleaned to your satisfaction. In such a situation you are left with now choice other than taking out old track and replace it with a new one.

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