Glass Block Shower

Glass block shower is Stylish and Classy


Glass Block Shower

Investing in a Glass Block Shower is a great idea. It works for a smaller bathroom, not very cost and give your bath a modern look. This can be a comfortable spa-like haven for you and will raise the overall value of your home. The option here comprises of classic look and with a choice amongst left or right entry into the glass block shower for extending the available space. You can also select fiber optic glass block shower units for an amazing ambiance from a wide range of colors.

Glass block shower is stylish and elegant and are very popular for architectural designs and most commonly used in the bathroom. Since the blocks are actually translucent, they work great as shower walls. Glass block showers not only provide the natural lighting but also provide desired privacy and hence considered to be every saving bathroom. The unique aspect of a glass block shower is that it can also be designed without a door and hence eliminating the requirement of a traditional bathroom to provide a contemporary look.

There is another glass block shower type called angled glass block design which is appropriate for any bathroom corner and creates an impression of a larger place. The classic glass block shower provides a beautiful design and splits the shower area from other parts of the bathroom. The glass block shower can be settled in any configurations and fit anyplace. Immediately after the walls of the glass block shower are built, you need to install a shower door to make it water-tight. The easy installation and makeover for these Glass Block Shower will save a lot of money and efforts. Also when you change the design it will cause no destruction or disturbance and can be installed like tiles.

Glass Block Shower

Benefits of Glass Block Shower

A glass block shower is a cool option if you like to spend more time enjoying your shower than cleaning it.

• Contemporary Look – The glass block shower doors provides cool, modern looks & style.

• Easy to clean – It is easy to clean with soap and water or window cleaners. You can also avoid doors here to further reduce you cleaning job around the frame.

• Durable and Eco friendly – These blocks are strong and durable and provides natural lighting to save energy.

• Added privacy – The glass block patterns will allow light transmission but provide obscure views to add privacy.

• Design flexibility – You have various choices in design and style because the blocks can be fitted as tiles to match your design.

• Color glass blocks – You can design stunning shower with the use of various color patters.

• Save money – You can obviously save substantial money in making rounded walls.

Installation of Glass Block Shower

The Glass Block Shower is offered in several shapes and levels of transparency and proper installation is recommended following the standard methods used by experts.

1. Inspect and make sure to use a level to confirm that the curb surface is smooth.

2. Follow the instructions of manufacturer and use a small bucket to mix the glass block plaster.

3. Spread a ½ to ¾ inch layer of plaster beside the full length of the concrete wall.

4. Start the 1st layer of glass block at the wall end and a layer of plaster to the vertical side of the first block. Press the block into the plaster base on the dam and apply enough plaster to the side of glass block to pack it evenly on both sides.

5. Always place a plastic block spacer clip at each block and put a layer of plaster on the side of next block so it is pursued into place beside the previous block.

6. Reiterate the steps 4 and 5 for every block in the first layer. Make sure that glass blocks are aligned with equal spacing. You can use a cloth to remove excess plaster which can be reused.

7. Now you should bend a section of metal wall anchor strap into an L shape and place on top of the first layer of glass block with the curved portion against the vertical wall surface.

8. Reiterate the steps 4 and 5 for the next three layers of glass block. Wipe any plaster from the vertical sides of the glass blocks.

9. Replicate step 7 to mount a wall anchor strap at the top of every third layer of the glass block wall.

10. After the last layer, use a level to ensure the wall alignment. You can apply a little bit of pressure for minor adjustments.

11. A cloth or a sponge can be used to even all of the plaster joints amid the glass blocks.

12. Before attaching any other hardware like shower door, let the wall get settled and dried for minimum 48 hours.

13. Make sure to add water as required within plaster for consistent moisture during the project.

Type of Glass Block Shower

There are two popular types of showers can be made:

• With a door – Smaller area where you need closed space, a door is a must.

• Without a door – To create walk in shower designs and for easy cleaning shower without a door is preferred.

Type of Shower Pan

The preferred shower pans are of mostly three types:

• Expanded polystyrene pan 1 piece

• Pre-formed acrylic and solid surface pans

• Custom mud set pan.

Height of Glass Block Shower

The finished height of wall is 84” where the shower head is usually mounted. The glass block height is 80″ and it is built on a 4″ to 5″ shower curb.

Wall at the Site or Prefabricated

The pre-fabricated walls are straight and rounded and mostly bought to reduce installation time, improve quality and save money. The project will be successfully if the base is specially designed for premade walls.

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